This page explain briefly how to use the API

First of all it's a web API, so you can access to it with a HTTP request.
As described on the default API response, you can use GET or POST method, but keep in mind the POST method can be bigger than the GET method (Approximatly 2MB of POST and 64kB for GET)

To be able to use the API, you need a token. To get a token you first need an account. To obtain an account, please send an email to Gülşen Cebiroğlu Eryiğit (gulsen[dot]cebiroglu[at]itu.edu.tr).
Explain briefly who you are, your affiliation and why you need to access the API. Also give your desired password. You will have access to your token information (which should be replaced to the position of mulpile XXXX's in the below code) by clicking on your username after logging in.

More details in the default API response: Access to the API

Here you can find Python wrapper for the ITU Turkish NLP Pipeline API developed by Ferit Tuncer

Here you can find a basic example in java:

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